Best Forex broker in the UK

Forex trading gets more popular every day. And there are 5 top countries which make most of the trades. The United Kingdom is one of these countries, together with the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan. Yes, Asians trade a lot too, but about the best brokers there, in the next article.

So how to choose the one? Well, the task may be confusing for a newcomer, as well as for the more experienced trader. And I want to share a few tips with you. They’re simple, easy to understand and pretty helpful.

1. Regulating Authority

Every country has its own laws and rules. Especially, when we talk about the financial sector. The broker must be regulated by one of the authorities available in that country. In the United Kingdom, that holy authority is FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). It protects customers from various violations in the finance market. So all Forex brokers operating in the UK and regulated by the FCA, are pretty safe to use.

2. Number of Trading Instruments Available

When we discuss the best Forex broker in the UK, you may say that the number of available markets and instruments do not play an important role here. However, some Forex brokers don’t support enough trading pairs. That usually irritates most of the traders. Just imagine, you find a super reliable and good signal for a trade, you must use it as soon as possible, you go to the trading platform and BAM, there is no trading pair available. The worst part is when you find out that the signal was 100% good and profitable.

3. Trading Platforms

Even if you’re new in a field of trading, I bet you will improve fast and trading becomes not only a hobby but an additional source of income as well. You make more and more trades on a daily basis, you start enjoying it more and more. You start to use signals, various patterns, etc. It’s natural that a useful and convenient environment is a must. That’s why you need to use Meta Trader or something like that. However, not every broker supports it. And it becomes a problem within time. So make sure that the selected broker has a full support of MT 4 or MT 5. It’s an amazing tool for traders.
All in all, make your own research additionally. Dive deep into the information about the broker before putting money in. Read what terms do they apply for customers. Don’t forget checking spreads and commissions. Some of the brokers apply overnight fees or pretty high fees for every trade. That can eat all your profits if the fees are too high. Especially, when the trading budget is tiny. Finally, check if the assets you want to trade are available.

I think that City Index or Avatrade is the best choice for the residents of the United Kingdom. They both are regulated by FCA, also have physical offices in the UK. These brokers stand in the market for a long period of time. That adds more trust and reliability. By the way, they both have all the things mentioned and discussed here. Just give them a try and I bet you will not be disappointed.

Happy trading!

5 Tips How Not Get Stuck When Trading Forex

Experienced forex trader

Most of the forex traders get stuck sometimes. They don’t make a profit, they panic, start making stupid mistakes. And finally ends with big losses. However, there is always a reason. How to improve trading using these 5 tips, which can help immediately.

1. Increase psychology

A lot of traders aren’t self-confident enough as well as they easily lose clear mind and start making obvious mistakes. That’s why psychology makes an important role here. Learn how to stop panicking, how to get back on the path after suffering loses. Go rest a bit, learn how to breathe correctly. In general, learn how to control the mind when it goes crazy.

2. Stay healthy

Well, most of you probably sit in front of the computer the whole day just looking to the charts and clicking the mouse. The body starts to become puny. People with bad physical health feels tired much faster. Furthermore, people start to feel pain, they can get distracted easily. This is bad for concentration.

3. Always learn

The Forex isn’t only about the making. It is a process which contains a lot of phases. That’s why every successful trader reads a lot. It doesn’t matter it is a blog about finances, or it’s a newspaper. Every resource improves various abilities, also, helps to gather more information, develop brain work, helps to remember things better.

4. Get a proper rest

After a session of trading, go rest. It doesn’t need to be sleep. It can be a quick walk around the block or a movie premiere at the cinema. Just take an action which isn’t the routine for both your body and mind.

5. Be happy about the success

Most of the traders are happy when their trades are profitable, and of course, go to the sadness when trades get colored in red. Yes, this reaction is pretty normal. However, it may lead the trader to the constant condition of being sad or mad. Especially, when trades aren’t successful few times in a row. So it’s advised to give more attention to trades which are green. Every little win is a still win and should be mentioned in the right manner. Of course, you don’t need to open a bottle of champagne or go partying all night, but a little gift for yourself will make feel better. It can be a slice of a pie, a small gadget, a new pair of pants, or a pile of junk food.

All in all, take care of yourself. Don’t push yourself too much, learn how to be happy with what you do, enjoy every day. Simple things will increase your success when trading. We are pretty sure about that.